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Joseph Thugu Kiarie

Welcome To Kitchendew – Buy the best house appliance/utensil.



We are Suppliers of General House appliances, Accessories & Cutlery with vast establishment of stores and team across the country.
Kitchendew is an established,steadfast brand, supplier of both local and imported hotel ware, kitchenware, tableware, bar accessories, cutlery, catering, utensils and other house appliance Items. With a key focus on kitchen appliances, we have developed an intuitive, aesthetically beautiful, high quality, durable and rightly priced products to meet your needs at a surprise point.

We have a wide range of house appliances satisfying most usual and unusual business and home needs. We also deliver on demand various assorted package of products, to suit different customer needs. Our distribution ability boast of strategic stores across the country and a creative team which is unparalleled in the industry.

We have been in the business for over a 4 years now, our motto being to provide the best quality house appliances at optimum pricing. Our single minded focus towards our work has helped us to achieve extremely high quality customer experience from product search, purchase and eventual application to the intended purpose.

Take time to browse through our product range, and should you have a special need, please reach us with any of the social platforms given. We would be more than glad to be of any help in helping you.

Why Kitchendew.

  1. We have a a base of well satisfied clients across the country ranging from business to consumers.
  2. We have invested in a wide range of quality House appliances  our ears, time and passion to serve you.
  3. To enhance ultimate service delivery, we have invested enumerable resources in soliciting for the best sales team, stock and other work related facilities.
  4. The key to our success has been following our customer insights and fulfilling their needs thereof.
  5. Your satisfaction is our business.


Should you want to ask a question or any clarification, please do through all or your choice media contact provided for Kitchendew.






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